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IndigenousWays is a women-run majority Native American / Indigenous (NAI) and LGBTQAI2+ (2S) organization that has supported 95% NAI, 2S and Deaf and Hard of Hearing artists. The board and staff members’ collective experiences as educators, artists, and NAI and 2S women contributes to the diversity and success of their co-created events in Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM); and in remote areas of NM, Arizona (AZ), and across the Navajo Nation with an online presence reaching a global audience.

The co-founders, Elena Higgins (executive director), was raised in New Zealand with her Maori and Samoan people, and Tash Terry (artistic director) was raised on Dinétah (Navajo Land). Together they started the multi-award-winning musical duo: Indigie Femme (2006) and toured nationally and internationally (15 years).

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Based on the overwhelming feedback they received from their performances and workshops at national and international venues, they were inspired to start IndigenousWays (2007). Through travels they discovered that globally, Indigenous communities identified a need for survival through deeper integration of their culture, their spirituality, and community. They determined that bridging cultural exchange with people globally through music, storytelling and the arts provided opportunities to raise awareness and global support for Indigenous communities.